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Lessons are 30 min. one on one, in person or ONLINE private per week or a 60min. private one on one, in person or ONLINE.   Both come with a  professionally recorded DVD to go home with to help the student in their weekly practice sessions.  


  ~ Rates typically $30-$35  (30min.) depending on location ~


We are the only music instruction in the world to offer a professional recorded take home video program for students to use in aiding their practice sessions making each and everyone the most effective and progressive tool in learning the drums fast.


Each and every lesson is custom tailored to each student’s individual needs and level. If you are a beginner – advanced we can help.

1.  We warm up with previous lesson homework or if your brand new to the drums we will discuss what we will be working on.


2.  Is a complete walk thru together on new assignment or assignments on the full drum set.  


3.   We will take a few minutes to transfer and watch what we just did together as every lesson has been previously recorded and archived on professional video to take home,.

4.   If you are a current student of 3 months or more we will get the notation to a new song to learn and play along with, or new music to drum too so we can work on your improvisational skills.


                                ** BEGINNERS - ADVANCED **

We have over 1,000 play along music with no drums so everyone goes home with and  jams with a band from your very first lesson1!


                           DRUM HOMEWORK AS WELL

One Handed Roll

Tribal Beat 1


Double Bass Shuffle 1 



Original Beats & Fills

Double Bass

Drum Separation

Stick/Foot Control

4 Way Independence


Rudiments (Full set)

Self Teaching

Learn Your Favorite Songs!!

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