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CDL makes every lesson fun, exciting, and inspirational.

With our custom DVD original take home lesson plan that you can only get from us.

It's your motivation and inspiration to always show you the correct way of a lesson.

The tool to always show a student how a lesson is suppose to sound and look.

The more times you need a visual of how something goes, you'll learn it faster.

A much faster rate then the other forms of teaching.  Youtube, books, a teacher.

If there is 30,000 drum books in the world, that means 30,000 people are learning the same thing.  What originality is that?  CDL students find themselves, become that original player.  We teach how to read notes, but also how to teach yourself.

With our note reading, you can check the audio with the visualization using the DVD

When in a real band, one can not go " wait, let me find my book " when a guitar player asks them to bust out a drum beat to their riff.  Doesn't work that way sorry.

CDL students learn how to be improvisational.

Again, no wasted money for lessons to be taught 2-3 times until the student "get's it"

Our dvd is a 3min break down exactly how we did it in class, a visual reference.

So a CDL student can refer 2-3 times on their own until they "get it".  $$$$ saved

Students need the inspiration, and motivation.  

Our original DVD's show every student how a lessons end result should sound.  

This is OUR motivation and inspiration.  We are far more superior than anywhere.

Being a father myself, I want the BEST for myself, family, and kids don't you?

What are you waiting for?





Chicago's # 1 Drum Lessons

(630) 410-8600


Chicago's # 1 Drum Lessons (CDL) treats you like family, or a close friend if you will.  

Everyone is treated with courtesy, motivation, and the up most respect.

Here at CDL, we want everyone to feel comfortable and have fun.

Fun keeps one’s mind more open, and can be filled up with knowledge.

(we are known to sometimes light incense in our class room) :)

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